Heavy transport

We will organize transport for all types of goods, from 1 kg to 24,000 kg, we will transport both one carton and a full semi-trailer, we have a fleet of vehicles of various sizes and possibilities, in addition, we have fleets of contract vehicles, which allows us to take orders anywhere and at any time.


Semi truck
620x245x240cm 3500kg 15 pallet space

solowka_winda.png  Semi truck with taillift
620x245x240 cm 3000kg 15 pallet space


Big semi truck
760x245x240 cm 4700kg 18 pallet space
solowka_winda.png  Big semi truck with taillift
760x245x240 cm 4500kg 18 pallet space
ciagnik_naczepa.png  Tautliner
1360x245x270cm 24T 33 pallet space
solowka_przyczepa.png  Tandem
760x245x250 20 000kg 38 pallet space
ciagnik_naczepa.png  Frigo truck
1360x245x300cm 24 T 33 pallet space

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